Bollywood Suspense Thriller Movies List That Will Grab Your Attention!

Bollywood Suspense Thriller Movies List That Will Grab Your Attention!
    Bollywood Suspense Thriller Movies List: Now it's time to indulge yourself with these incredible suspense thriller movies in Hindi Cinema that will keep you at the edge of your seat with their open-mouthed endings. Most of us love to watch suspense thriller movies that keeps us glued to our seats. So, Why are you waiting? check out the best Thriller Movies in Bollywood now.


    Top 10 Bollywood Suspense Thriller Movies

    1. A Wednesday (2008): This is a film based on the serial bomb explosions of the local population of Mumbai, this film was excellent at all levels. The story of an unnamed man and his plan of revenge will give you goose bumps. This movie has grabbed the attention of Kama Hassan and it was later remade into other south Indian languages starring him along with Venkatesh.

    2. Andhadhun (2019): This film is easily one of the best Bollywood thrillers and will remain one of the best scripts of Bollywood library. Ayushman Khurana has given a magnificent performance as an experimental blind man who tackles so much that it becomes a natural instinct of the public to know and to explore more what is happening to him.

    3. RGV "KAUN" (1999): This movie is one of the best thriller movies in Bollywood so far. You cannot see more no.of artists padding in this movie. All India Cinema loves this movie because of the following reasons.1) There are just 4 characters in this movie, it's the most interesting part we never see in any movie. 2) The direction, the scenario and the background music will excites you. Still, most of the Bollywood lovers consider it in their favorite collection list.

    4. Trapped (2016): As we all know the story selection of Rajkumar Rao is always unique. Trapped is a Thriller movie with a lot of drama played by a single character till the end. What you will do, If you are locked in a room which is in the 20th floor and no one is residing in that apartment. Movie with least dialogues, but gets you involved into the character of Rajkumar Rao. Similar to Kaun, this movie has not more than 4 to 5 artists.

    5. Karthik Calling Karthik (2010): A desperate employee in a office gets a phone call from unknown person who guides him to the success. If you want to know the stranger and how he guides him to transform his life, you need to watch "Karthik Calling Karthik".

    6. NH10 (2015): During a trip, a couple encounters a series of incidents involving a gangster who makes them run for life. We can consider its as a Heroin oriented movie where Anushka Sharma performed in a brilliant way. The movie stars Anushka Sharma and Neil Bhoopalam in lead roles. Sure, this movie will excites you till the climax.

    7. Talaash (2012): This is one of the best movies I ever seen from a big star like Aamir Khan. It is a masterpiece in story telling. Kareena Kapoor dazed in an avatar both glamorous and scary. Rani embodies the role of a defenseless housewife who must endure the agony of her world in ruins. Aamir and Nawaz excel in their respective roles.

    8. Kahaani (2012): A true story well knit and beautifully executed. You can watch it for a reasonable engaging story. Most of the scenes in this movie are worth engaging. The climax is not predictable that is why the movie is well connected to the audience at the end. Later Years, this movie was remade into Telugu and Tamil languages.

    9. Drishyam (2015): Even the movie is not a straight Bollywood movie. Director, Nishikant Kamat has done a great job in moulding the script that can can reachable to Hindi audience. We can see a lot of scene variations when comparing Hindi and original version of this script. The original script is made in Malayalam with Mohanlal. Ajay Devgan, Tabu were at his best in this thriller. This Bollywood Thriller Movie will will grab your attention.

    10. Talvar (2015): Fantastic movie! Bollywood needs this kind of movies. Talvar has a really strong screenplay and content. This movie was based on a real incident. The director has clearly shown how the police and CBI ruined the case investigation.

    More movies are yet to come. If you know any best thriller movies that can be added to this list, just comment below.
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